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I Am a Butterfly is available for purchase through the Ingram Spark catalog at a 45% discount. Because Wisdom Heart Publications is a small, independent publisher, we don’t offer returns. 

Bulk purchases can be made directly from Wisdom Heart, too. Email support@drsallystone.com to inquire.

Wholesale Purchase of Golden Words

If you have a state sales tax permit number, you can sign up on CreateSpace Direct to buy Golden Words’ books and journals at a 35% discount to sell in your bookstore, put on your library shelf, use in your coaching groups or healing circles as a welcome gift, or read in your book clubs.

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From CreateSpace: “Please note that a valid state sales tax permit number is required to certify that the products are being purchased for resale. For Libraries it is not necessary to provide a Resale Certificate, just fill out the form to indicate that you are a Library and a customer service representative (from CreateSpace) will be in touch.” 

Bulk purchases can be made directly from Wisdom Heart, too. Email support@drsallystone.com to inquire.

Desk Copies

Desk copies are available to bookstore owners, reviewers, bloggers, instructors, researchers, and journalists who would like to learn more about I Am a Butterfly or Golden Words and feature any of my books. Please email Dr. Stone at support@DrSallyStone.com to inquire.

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• A free monarch coloring page (8.5 x 11)

• A free monarch mandala coloring page (8.5 x 11)

• A free full-color monarch life cycle sort (8.5 x 11)

• A free 8 x 10 downloadable butterfly print suitable for framing

I Am a Butterfly—Free Downloads

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Download #1: Monarch Mandala Coloring Page

This mandala was created from a section of a monarch wing!

Download #2: Monarch Coloring Page

Download #3: Monarch High-Resolution Photograph

This photo is a free download.

Additional 8 x 10 fine art prints available for

$55 + shipping in the Continental US.

Check out the galleries on this site for more photos and purchasing information.

Download #4: Monarch Life Cycle Sort

About The Author

That’s a blue morpho!

Photo Taken at The Chicago Botanic Garden Butterflies & Blooms Exhibit

About the Author

SALLY STONE is an author, nature photographer, certified hypnotist, and certified health coach. Her love for nature inspired her to learn photography so she could spend more time connecting to its magic. Her photos have won several awards including Audubons Top 100 and a Chicago Botanic Garden Special Mention.

When Sally isnt writing, taking pictures, or coaching, you can find her taking long walks in nature, watching birds, talking to trees, dancing with butterflies, and smelling the flowers. She also loves to pet everyone’s dogs, meditate, work in her native garden, drink herbal tea, go to the movies, hang out at the beach, and spend time with family and friends.

Sallys love for childrens books began in childhood and never ended. For twenty-three years she worked with children and teachers, first in her classroom, then as a coach and university professor. Sally earned her masters and doctorate in education from National-Louis University and has won two teaching awards.

Email for more info or an author visit: support@drsallystone.com

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