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About The Book

Golden Words — The Vocabulary of Transformation

In 2007, despite twenty years of inspiring meditation practice, I had grown cynical. Like everyone else, I’d experienced struggle and trauma. Then I got a wake-up call in the form of a bicycle accident, near-death experience, and unexpected meeting with angels. This meeting and other encounters on the “other side” gave me an unshakeable faith in the wholeness of spirit— and stretched the limits of my rational mind.

Following my accident, I developed a crippling nervous system disorder. Conventional doctors gave up on me and told me I’d end up in a wheelchair on a morphine pump managing chronic pain. But I knew that wasn’t my destiny and persisted in finding solutions.

The vibration of the angels I met on the “other side” carried concentrated positive energy. To help in my recovery, I translated the vibration I felt into words I could use that helped me guide myself and feel better. Words like peace, inspiration, joy, persist, hug, comfort, care, friendship, contentment, unconditional support, whimsy, lightheartedness, silky, soft, love, and every other positive word you can imagine. I meditated on and talked to myself with these words throughout all my ups and downs. And when I opened my private hypnosis and health-coaching practice, I began to use these words with my clients with great results.

Because golden words contain so much positive power, I gathered them into this book, Golden Words, to share with others.

What You’ll Find in Golden Words

Part One: The A to Z Toolkit & Guided Meditations
The A to Z Toolkit contains over 2000 golden words, including alpha-graphics like the A, B, C graphics you see here. There’s also a workbook format for using your golden words to create affirmations, and twenty-seven self-guided meditations you can use for yourself —or with your clients if you happen to be a coach. Experiencing these words awakens and amplifies your own feelings wholeness.

Part Two: The Science
To satisfy my rational mind (and yours if need be), I undertook research to figure out what makes a word golden. I discovered ten categories, which I reveal in my book, including emotion words, life purpose words, social words, humor words, and others.

I learned overall that life brings ups and downs, but every experience holds opportunities. Golden words and positive self-talk can empower you to create significant shifts in your life. The limits of possibility have not yet been discovered.

In this book you’ll learn to:

  • Identify your golden words (2,000+ golden words included)
  • Take control of your self-talk to overcome negative patterns
  • Reduce stress, pain, and food craving
  • Use self-hypnosis to relax, build confidence, & gain insight
  • Improve the way you feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically
  • Create effective mantras & affirmations
  • Organize long-term goals into manageable steps
  • Enhance your intuitive flow

Golden Words shows you how to use positive self-talk and the practical tools self-guided hypnosis and meditation to soothe and uplift yourself when times are tough, walk the path to your dreams and goals despite challenging obstacles, stay balanced in difficult situations, and learn to relax and sleep well — even if you experience discomfort and pain.

The stories and anecdotes show how golden words combined with powerful principles will inspire your transformation and remind you that you’re a whole, beautiful spirit—No Matter What.


Praise for Golden Words 

“Inspired by her near-death experience, Stone guides us to the high vibration of golden words and provides down-to-earth tools and stories for using them to transform your life. A treasure for anyone who wants to revolutionize their consciousness.” —New York Times Bestselling Author, Sonia Choquette

Golden Words Journal 

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About The Journal

The Golden Words Journal condenses the principles and guidelines from my book into templates you can use to set goals, journal, and track your progress in any area of life you want to transform.

I'm aiming for an early August publication date and offering 100 signed editions first come, first served. If you'd like a signed edition of the Golden Words Journal, use the opt-in below to sign-up.

Thank you for being good company on this journey of life!

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