Praise for Golden Words 

“Inspired by her near-death experience, Stone guides us to the high vibration of golden words and provides down-to-earth tools and stories for using them to transform your life. A treasure for anyone who wants to revolutionize their consciousness.” —New York Times Bestselling Author, Sonia Choquette

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Want to be an Ambassador of Good Health?

Want to be an Ambassador of Good Health?

About The Book

Golden Words You Can Use

Life brings ups and downs, but every experience holds opportunities. Discover how golden words and positive self-talk can empower you to create significant shifts in your life.

In this book you’ll learn to:

  • Identify your golden words (2,000+ golden words included)
  • Reduce stress, pain, and food cravings
  • Take control of your self-talk to overcome negative patterns
  • Shift & improve the way you feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically
  • Remain balanced in challenging situations
  • Create effective mantras & affirmations
  • Organize long-term goals into manageable steps
  • Use the trance state to relax, build confidence, & gain insight
  • Enhance your intuitive flow

Golden Words shows you how to use positive self-talk and practical tools of language, hypnosis, and meditation to soothe and uplift yourself when times are tough, walk the path to your dreams and goals despite challenging obstacles, stay balanced in difficult situations, and learn to relax — even when you experience discomfort and pain. The stories and anecdotes are full of examples showing how golden words used with powerful principles can bring the shifts you want. In fact learning to relax will put you in touch with your intuitive flow, which will make your life easier even as you get more done.

Golden Words provides you with a treasure chest of tools to expand your positive energy.

Want to be an Ambassador of Good Health?

Want to be an Ambassador of Good Health?

on January 1, 2016
While reading the book’s preface, I chose my first word from among Dr. Stone’s 2,000+ Golden Words. Which word did I select? “Wish”! I was fascinated by Dr. Stone’s profoundly archetypal description of a wish’s birthplace with its pools of pure energy and robed guardians carrying lanterns and staffs. However, she cautioned that “wishing sets in motion what needs to be done or learned to attain or resolve the form that our wish takes.” (p.14) Making a wish releases the impetus for change.

If I had been “wishing on a star” for a guidebook to navigate the next turn in my life path, my wish came true with the publication of Golden Words. In the opening chapters, Dr. Stone counseled that self-talk impacts how an individual’s life path unfolds. She suggested that thoughtfully chosen golden words and meditative trance states are compassionate companions for a life journey. To support these beliefs, she offered examples of her own positive self-talk during her lengthy recovery following a bicycle-riding accident. The closing chapters supported the wisdom of Dr. Stone’s recommendations by citing research from the sciences and related fields.

The twenty-six alphabet letters structured the content for the center chapters. Here I found six resources designed by Dr. Stone for examining each letter’s golden words. Resources included reviewing, identifying, and defining words, as well as writing brief journal entries and affirmations. Each chapter included a “tool” to support consideration of a self-selected word’s significance.
However, this format was not a lock step trudge through yet another self-discovery workbook! The alphabetic structure supported creative interaction with the content. I realized that I could use the chapters’ titles to spell my first name, my job title, a family relationship, or a word with personal significance such as health or wish. The golden words I chose to represent the letters of these “target words” became miniature crossword puzzles and acrostic poems. These puzzles and poems captured amazingly insightful synchronicities linking the golden words.

Golden Words guided my investigation of external and internal motivations, buried hopes, and forgotten or abandoned goals. The exercises nurtured self-knowledge, self-respect and self-acceptance. With words shaping my understanding of Self and influencing what I think is possible, I am grateful to have Dr. Stone’s Golden Words to guide those conversations. Anonymous

avid reader

on December 6, 2015
These are just some of the “A” Golden Words I would use to describe and review this book. The Astute Author must be an Athena, an Angel sent to earth, an Awesome, Accomplished, Aficionado, who with Alacrity and a demonstrated Altruism, Affectionately Awakens in us this Awesome, Amazing concept that Astounds and has the Ability to Assuage our busy, sometimes troubled souls. Dr. Sally Stone’s Aptitude with her writing skills and Autosuggestion creates in me the desire to Aspire to Assimilate the Ambrosia of these words and feel that lovely Afterglow that her wonderful book provides! Need I say, I LOVE this book?!
Linda E. Sawka

on January 3, 2016
Words-our self talk, can empower us or dis-empower us. The words we use directly affect our beliefs, which affect out actions and ultimately our quality of life.

Golden Words engages the reader to choose their own *Golden Words* from the thousands provided in the book (or add your own!) to formulate empowering affirmations or mantras that have the ability to shift one’s life in a positive direction. Utilizing the tools in this book, born from her own healing journey after a near death experience, is a testament to the power that these tools hold. For example, I was having “one of those days”, was in a bit if a funk, so I took the book to Panera the other day and the exercises I did, letters R and T specifically, caused a shift, a renewed hope and inspiration that immediately changed the course of my day.

This book is one I will be including in my work with my clients as well highly recommending to others.

Joseph H

on December 6, 2015
Golden Words kicks up the vibrations, frequency and energies that can keep us feeling extraordinarily alive and powerful in mind, spirit and body. Golden Words excels in removing us from the path of worry and neglect and moves us into the light of living, light of energy, and the light of breath. It fills our mind and body with beautiful music from the power of Golden Words.
In today’s world low energy and low frequencies conspicuously and continually harm generations. While many believe health challenges run in their family, studies and science have shown that it’s family habits that are passed on through the lineage. Words and thoughts can control our very being and contribute to us feeling valuable and alive or sick and depressed. Golden Words can elevate the way we thinking and the way we experience life in a more positive way. A must read and Golden to my ears!
Connie Tomlyn

on November 19, 2015
I have never read a book more organized, filled with tons of information culled from so many areas, a book that includes myriad ways to heal and relax to bring out your best, most relaxed and effective self. In one volume, you are taken through the worlds of affirmations, positive self-talk, meditation, kinesiology, and hypnosis—all in an understandable and applicable way. Even though I was already meditating and very familiar with the concept of positive self-talk, this book enriched my understanding and practices. Whether your life is great or not so great, you will have the tools to improve in body, mind, and soul. Changing your routine, normal words into golden words will help you access a beautiful, golden life.

on December 27, 2015
Golden Words has been a beautiful reminder to me that I have the daily power to brighten and lighten my own life. Dr. Stone guides the reader through developing their own golden word lists and then provides the framework to use these words in creating powerful personal mantras, meditations, and focused intentions that uplift and energize. Golden Words is truly Dr. Stone’s gift of words to us, a unique book that has an offering for everyone. My personal journey with this book has been healing both physically and spiritually, and I couldn’t be
more grateful! Golden Words is definitely one of my nightstand stay with me books!

on December 9, 2015
Much as the author describes her relationship to her dictionary bringing her comfort and inspiration over the years, I can foresee this book fulfilling the same function. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy to read which came in the form of a pdf. While the power of Sally’s healing journey, the Golden Words and the tools she has so thoughtfully devised shine through in the version I was able to read, I truly cannot wait until my hard copy arrives in the mail. As Sally writes, “I could have used the Internet as my resource but, because words feel alive to me, I wanted to hold them in my hands.”

This is a book I want to hold in my hands, to carry with me, to mark up and as Sally suggests, to make my own. Sally encourages the reader to discover their own golden words, the ones mostly like to instill the power of transformation. She takes it a step further by encouraging the reader to create their own mantras and affirmations around their golden words, and each chapter has a tool specifically designed to integrate the experience even further in your life and healing.

“Golden Words: The A to Z Toolkit for changing your life, one word at a time” is so aptly named. Not only because of the power of the positives words that Sally has so meticulously researched but because the tools and exercises are gold that can be mined time and time again and will always deliver precious value. I foresee using this book in my personal life and I will certainly be including this as a recommended resource to my clients and anyone curious about the power your positive mindset has to change your life, one word at a time.

Caitlin Padgett

on November 20, 2015
Words are very powerful – they can lift you up or bring you down. This book is full of positive words and ways to use them to bring positive energy into your life. She shares how to create and use mantras and affirmations, meditation and other tools to reduce stress and handle the ups and downs in life in a positive way. Through her amazing personal story, we are reminded that even negative life experiences can bring about positive life change – it’s all about how we respond. If you want to reduce stress and/or bring more positivity into your life, this book will give you some great tools to do so.
Dawn Parker

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