Choose A Program To Suit Your Needs

Breakthrough Session

Single Session Experience a life-changing shift

  • Breakthrough an issue: $300 (2-1/2 hours)
  • Regression (in-person): $500 (3-4 hours)
  • Explore your NDE (in-person): $500 (3-4 hours)
  • +One week daily email support
  • +Breakthrough issues
  • +Breakthrough patterns
  • +Experience profound states of awareness
  • +Connect to your spiritual resources
  • +Experience profound relaxation
  • +Experience stress and pain relief
  • +Learn your language for change
  • +Connect to your power
  • +Learn your relaxation triggers

Create Momentum

Six Sessions Transform longstanding patterns, shift perspective, and cultivate support

  • +Six 90-minute sessions
  • +$895 with pre-payment in full (save $100)
  • +$995 with payment plan +Biweekly email support
  • +Breakthrough underlying issues
  • +Build strength & continuity
  • +Learn strategies for quick-shift
  • +Experience profound states of awareness
  • +Connect to your spiritual resources
  • +Incorporates custom health-coaching support
  • +Incorporates family constellations

Get Grounded, Fly High

Twelve Sessions Establish significant long-term change on multiple issues and establish support

  • +Twelve 90-minute sessions
  • +$1895 with pre-payment in full (save $100)
  • +$1995 with payment plan
  • +Biweekly email support
  • +Establish long-term changes
  • +Build Support
  • +Connect to your spiritual resources
  • +Incorporates custom health-coaching support
  • +Incorporates family constellations


Regression or NDE

Create Momentum

Get Grounded, Fly High

Clear to the Core

Twelve Sessions A custom program to fit your unique body-mind-spirit wisdom.

  • +Twelve 90-minute sessions
  • +$1895 with pre-payment in full (save $100)
  • +$1995 with payment plan
  • +Biweekly email support
  • +Address stressors in your lifestyle
  • +Eliminate dietary, emotional, and spiritual toxins
  • +Introduce habits for overall wellbeing
  • +Gain strength  and confidence in living your life purpose
  • +Increase your spiritual connection

With health coach training in over 100 dietary theories, I specialize in using food journaling and an elimination diet—which helps you experience and understand food intolerances. You’ll learn which foods and dietary approach gives you the greatest sense of health and wellbeing. As a certified hypnotist, I can help you overcome food cravings, sleep better, and enhance your intuitive flow. When you move into flow and learn how to relax more deeply, your goals will be easier to manage so you can be more productive. Clear To The Core includes 12 Coaching sessions over a 6-month period to give you the support you need to make lasting changes based on your target goals. Hypnosis processes are included to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

For Children—From Worried to Wonderful

Strategies For Children

Six Sessions of Yoga + Health Coaching

  • +Six 50-minute sessions
  • +$595 with pre-payment in full (save $100)
  • +$695 with payment plan
  • +Establish healthy eating choices
  • +Develop strategies for managing peer pressure
  • +Develop strategies for resolving stress
  • +Learn to self-soothe in difficult situations
  • +Improved sleep
  • +Improved decision-making
  • +Improved focus
  • +Biweekly email support

From exams to making friends, kids have concerns. A little worry is normal and can be motivating. But when worry stops your child from moving forward, learning strategies for self-soothing, tuning into intuition, breath-control, and decision-making can empower him or her to step forward with confidence. Making healthy eating choices can also be a concern for kids. With peer pressure to share and trade lunches and commercials that make junk food seem appealing, an errand to the grocery store can turn into a food fight instead of a fruitful harvest. But it doesn’t have to be. Kids can learn self-awareness about how their body feels from different foods. They can learn to make healthy choices because they understand the difference between real food and junk food. They can learn to make healthy emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual choices that support their health and well-being.

Clear To the Core

From Worried To Wonderful

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What My Clients Are Saying

Sally is a gift. I found the hypnosis sessions with her incredibly relaxing, and that sense of calm carried back to my everyday life, which was and is quite hectic with three children and running my own business.


Executive Coach

Sally is a wonderful coach. I felt comfortable speaking with her quite easily, and I felt she truly listened to my concerns. Her advice and suggestions were helpful in guiding me to make necessary changes and realize areas that needed work. I found our sessions very enjoyable, always ending with a smile on my face. Sally has been very supportive and encouraging throughout our sessions. I am so grateful to have had the time to talk with her. It truly made a difference!


Health Coach

Sally crafted a very personalized session using skillful questioning in her interview to build a clear and insightful understanding of my needs. She listened well to both what I said and did not say, and then used what she learned to form a beautiful journey adrift on my raft rocking in the gentle waves of clear blue water on a sunny day, releasing my worries and floating in an amazing peacefulness.  Knowing my physical pain and how it was impacting my progress in healing, Sally guided me through an anesthetic visualization that I continue to use for pain relief today.


Special Education High School Teacher

Working with Sally helped me be in the flow, get rid of places where I felt stuck, and literally get me into the flow of my life. Once I got in the flow, I was able to take steps to move forward – get my podcasts out, write my book, and further myself professionally.

Joy Putnam

America's Inspiration Coach

Dr. Stone, you smell like calm. Even better than chamomile tea.

8-year old yoga student

America's Inspiration Coach

Commonly Asked Questions

What can I expect from a package of sessions with you?
  • A deeper connection to your spiritual guidance and intuitive wisdom
  • Stress reduction and deep relaxation
  • Release of fear and doubt
  • Improved sleep, improved relationships, more peace of mind
  • Empowerment and confidence
  • Belief in your self to succeed at your heartfelt goals
  • Remembering and reconnection to your natural state of joy
  • Self-love, self-care, better boundaries

You’ll receive light “homework” after each session to support your goals. You’ll receive a recording of the hypnosis portion of your session for you to listen to as time permits in your schedule. You have the option to email in-between sessions for support and questions.

How can I tell if you're the right hypnotist-health coach for me?

I offer a complimentary 50-minute session for all new clients to find out if we’re a good match for working together. Just fill out my contact form or email me at In my sessions with you, I work with your spiritual resources including occasional mediumship if that presents as well as guides in the subtle realms.

What's a phone session like and why do you work with people on the phone?

I do all hypnosis and coaching sessions on the phone or via Skype except regressions and NDE work. I’ve coached and hypnotized people both in person and via phone and Skype. Both in-person and phone sessions provide powerful results. I’ve found that people who are hypnotized over the phone have the privacy to experience their session in a comfortable setting of their choice with the added time-saving convenience of not having to travel to their appointment. The convenience, comfort, and privacy lends itself to a very deep hypnotic state. The success clients have of working over the phone enables me to work with people all over the US and internationally.

I meditate everyday. Is hypnosis the same thing?

You’re not alone if you think a hypnotic trance sounds similar to meditation, but the goals of each are different. The main goal of meditation is to quiet the mind of thoughts. A sacred mantra is used to carry the meditator to a higher state as represented by the meaning of the mantra, mainly the experience of divine consciousness. In hypnosis, the client may experience divine consciousness, explore their soul purpose, or investigate turning points, but a person may have less lofty, yet important goals such as releasing food cravings, overcoming fears, reducing stress, reaching athletic goals, breaking through blocks, increased confidence, improved sleep, reduced pain, deep relaxation,and so on. You can also regress to a memory or a past life memory using hypnosis, which can be a powerful transformative and insightful experience. I like to think of hypnosis and meditation as close relatives. The brain waves in a meditator and a person in trance are similar, but the patterns are still being studied to learn more about how these states are the same and different.

What is your refund policy?

Based on my experiences with other clients, I’m confident that you’ll experience positive changes. If you fully participate in a minimum of three sessions over a one month period and are not receiving perceptible results or want to discontinue for any reason, I will fully refund your money.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Everyone has a unique experience of hypnosis. Some people feel heavy and relaxed, other people feel light and free. Some people feel energy moving through their body and profound relaxation, release of concerns, and peak-experiences such as intense love, joy, freedom, or peace. Time changes in quality and may feel as if no time at all has passed during a long session. Heavy emotions may dissipate, revealing increased vitality and joy.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

In general, anyone can be hypnotized except those with an IQ below 65 or 70, people who are chemically impaired, someone who is brain damaged, and people who don’t want to be hypnotized. In the latter case, a person has to want to be hypnotized in order to enter trance. A hypnotist cannot make someone enter trance against their will. Hypnosis is actually a very natural state that we enter all the time. Some common trance states include:

  1. Highway hypnosis: you drive somewhere but can’t remember the drive at all. Or, you might be so “lost in driving” that you miss your exit.
  2. Watching a movie or TV or reading a book and getting so involved you feel like it’s really happening.
  3. The state between waking and sleeping where you’re remembering dreams, capturing insights, receiving creative ideas, or feel deeply relaxed.
  4. Deep concentration and flow.
  5. Daydreaming and imagining.
Will I do something in hypnosis that I don't want to do?

A hypnotist cannot make someone do something they wouldn’t do otherwise. In a hypnosis session, your subconscious mind will reject any suggestions that don’t fit in with your moral code and physical/emotional safety. My role as hypnotist is to facilitate a conversation with you to learn what you most want to create and experience in your life then create a session for you that clears the obstacles and opens up your path. Your success is my success.

Where did you train?
  1. The Wellness Institute: in-depth training in facilitating regressions
  2. The National Guild of Hypnotists: in-depth training in developing individualized hypnosis sessions based on a client’s unique blend of learning styles, language preferences, and resources. Induction techniques, history and development of hypnosis, approach for matching clients to best level of care.
  3. Institute for Integrative Nutrition: in-depth health-coach training including the study of over a 100 dietary theories, a bio-individual to wellness, a whole-person approach to health and wellness care.
  4. Advanced training in:
    1. Medical Hypnosis
    2. Caring for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers
    3. Pain Relief
    4. Fear Release
    5. Removing Imprints
    6. Self-Hypnosis
    7. IBS (scripted sessions)
    8. Fibromyalgia (scripted sessions)

My training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition prepared me to support clients’ health concerns holistically from both a nutritional standpoint as well as lifestyle management.

Still have questions?