The Golden Leaves of Fall

I went for a walk with my camera when the fall leaves were at their golden peak. When I arrived at the Botanic Garden, the spectacle of colors and falling leaves nearly overwhelmed my senses. I wanted to laugh and cry at the intensity and scope of so much beauty all-at-once. I actually did laugh out loud, but have no idea if anyone heard me. If they did, I hope they laughed with me and not at me!

The Perspective of a Leaf

I stumbled on a row of trees ablaze with golden leaves. At first I just stood there gaping and giggling at the blast of color. Then I tried to capture the grandeur of all the golden leaves with my wide-angle lens, but felt that most my pictures fell short. I had captured the gold, but the enormity of what I felt was missing. I looked at the trees from every perspective, and finally wound up on my belly. It was from down there, flat on the ground, that I found the peaceful perspective of a fallen leaf. The enormity of it all, littered on the ground around me, was at rest. Each leaf—at rest after a year of giving life—ending it all in a brilliant display of surrender.

The Real Golden Gift

As I lay there enjoying the glorious view, a woman walked up with her two children.

“Are you okay!!!??” she asked urgently.
Apparently, seeing me lying on the ground alarmed her. I’d twisted myself in various directions to look at leaves that caught my eye. As a result, I probably looked like a crumpled snake. Yet I felt serene and light as a fallen leaf. I saw her angst, but shared none of it.

I smiled up at her worried face to put her at ease. “I’m fine. Just looking at these amazing leaves. Do you want to see my pictures?”
She said, “Oh my God. I thought something had happened to you the way you were lying there. I’m so glad you’re okay!”

I thanked her for stopping to see if was okay, assured her I was fine, and shared a glorious moment in the beauty of nature.

It’s nice to know people care enough to see if help is needed. Now there is another golden gift.


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